The Bon Accord Engineering in-house Coating & Platings division offers a wide range of surface coatings used in industries where it is important to protect stud-bolts or fasteners from sub-sea environments and other harsh conditions.


The coatings division is also complete with a shot blasting facility used to remove old coatings or weathered metals to provide a smooth finish that ensures any coatings will adhere properly. 


Coatings/Platings available on request include; 

  • Zinc Plating (silver)

  • Zinc Plating (Gold)

  • Zinc Nickel Plating

  • Zinc Phosphate

  • Galvanising

  • PTFE/Xylan Coatings

  • Everslick 1201/1301

  • Solid-Film Lubricants

  • Sigma Coatings